Bone Master
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Bone Master

Bone Master is a male enhancement product that was launched with an investment team including Huge Ape in 2017. The brand and product received international recognition and was featured on ESPN Radio, Sirus Radio, and well known podcasts. The product received industry recognition with award nominations from both XBIZ and AVN.

“Bone Master has an exclusive formula using only the best natural ingredients available. Because we believe Bone Master should always stay on top, we constantly work on improving the formula in order to give you the best possible product. An innocuous test and an efficiency test is conducted for each ingredients to insure that the quality of each one of them is as high as possible. If the ingredients don’t meet our high standards of quality, we will not use them to produce Bone Master. We work relentlessly to make Bone Master the best possible product and we are confident it is the best male enhancement formula you will ever find.”


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