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Careers at Huge Ape Media


Chances are you’ve seen us post of a job online somewhere. We’re hiring for our offices in California (Los Angeles area), brand partners and often times assisting clients/studios in expansion/growth. If you’ve applied, rest assured our team evaluates applications and if there is a match for that specific position, we will hit you up. If you didn’t see a job posted have no fear – we are always hiring! We believe in an open door policy for talented individuals who are interested in joining an awesome team. If you’re experienced with the adult industry great, it’s preferred but not required

Who we want. We’re looking for motivated individuals who have a passion for what they do. We are very uncorporate and believe in having fun while getting things done. If you’re looking for a 9-5 and and want to stand around the water cooler talking about American Idol this probably isn’t the right place. If you’re interested in being around awesome people who like porn and love practical jokes, we’re the place to be!

Get to know us now. You might not be looking right now but that doesn’t meet we can’t be friends now…after all who knows what the future may hold right? Submit your information confidentially and let’s get acquainted now, for when you need or want to explore your career options.

How to apply. We list all our positions on our job board which is updated frequently, you can check it out here. If you don’t see a position posted and want to apply simply contact us or shoot an email. You can also do a general application and your resume will be reviewed by a member of our staff – good luck!

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I get paid to do this all day? Are you serious? Christina - Content Editor

We’re also looking for adult models and individuals both male and female, no experience is required and agents are always welcomed. Please contact us click below or visit our online application which should take  5 minutes minutes to complete.

Get to know us! To learn more about our company and our culture, make sure to visit follow us on our social media accounts!