Reena Sky
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Reena Sky



Reena Sky is a veteran performer who has been in the industry for over 10 years. This former administrative assistant turned porn is now back with a few upgrades and is rocking out some amazing new scenes. Our team had the opportunity to ask Reena a few questions in this session as well as ask questions fans had for her!

1. Congrats on your success, some of your scenes are really rocking on our network How’s the year been for you?

Thank you! This has been a very exciting year for me, I have been shooting a lot and I got new big boobs (DD) this year!


2. Fan Question – How did you get into the business? What did you do before getting in the business?

I flew to Florida based on some emails and joined with an agency and shot my first scene for PinkVisual…  I quit my job as an executive assistant at a financial advising firm to make sex movies.


3. Fan Question – You’ve shot for so many scenes on our network, and also for partners we work with – was there a scene that stands out or is memorable?

Actually a scene I shot this year for Peter North With Derek Pierce, shot by Craven Morehead. more detailed information pertaining to 50 freispiele ohne einzahlung. Craven came up with this fun idea to make it a day dream, and there was lots of ass smacking and it got really wet and messy real fast!


4. Your new scene on Peter North is super popular, can you tell us about how that went, playing a naughty step mom?

My newest scene for PeterNorth was with Xander, who I love shooting with…  I loved teasing him with my new boobies and getting him to be naughty with his dad just upstairs!


5. Fan Question – What kind of guys (and/or girls) so you like?

I like people who are nice and genuine and funny… laughter is as good as orgasms to me!

6. You’ve been in the industry some time now, what are your favorite scenes to shoot?

I have been in almost 10 years now, and I love doing GG scenes the most!  Women are beautiful and soft and sensual and whats not to love about that?


7. Fan Question – How often do you watch porn personally?

I watch porn probably too much, like I think I might have a problem lol, but i enjoy the amateur stuff more, cause then i’m not like hey I know him/her lol


8. Fan Question – How did you choose your stage name?

My agent originally chose the name Stacey Marcelles for me, but I didn’t like being called stacey lol.  I was reading a book at the time called Blue Smoke and the main character’s name was Catarina and her family called her Reena for short…  And Sky because I wanted to reach up there and catch a star!


9. What’s next for you? Any upcoming scenes or shoots we can look forward to?

I run my own website, so I’m looking forward to adding to that with lots of fun scenes with my friends.


10. Anything else you want the fans to know?

I love interacting with my fans through my website so please order a Skype show so we can get to know each other better!

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Thanks Reena for taking the time and answering these questions! Producers book Reena directly by contacting her at [email protected]. Fans be sure to follow Reena Sky Twitter on Twitter ReenaSkyVIP and visit her Official website Reeana Sky VIP

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