Pristine Edge
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Pristine Edge



Meet Pristine Edge from Saint Louis, Missouri. She just started in the business and already making waves shooting with some of the biggest names in the industry. Jay from our Street Team had the opportunity to site down with her while she was visiting at the 101 Modeling house and got to know her intimately in this exclusive interview and meeting.

Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 103 lbs
Measurements: 34B-24-34
Official Twitter – @PristineEdgexxx

Q: Tell us about yourself.
A: Pristine Edge, 27, from St. Louis Missouri…one of 18 children!


Q; Would you move to LA?
A; Maybe, love where I’m from, but if I could I would love to get a second home in LA.


Q: When, and how did you get into the porn business?
A: Its fell into my lap, I was a dancer for 7 years. First time i was approached was at 21 and declined. Two years ago started doing a webcam, meet a woman from Florida who made me an offer.


Q; How has your porn experience been?
A: I love it, I get paid to have fun and have sex!


Q; How is everyones reaction from home?
A; Everyone knows, my twin sister is my biggest supporter. My parents are still getting used to it but are not upset.


Q; Have you and your twin ever swapped boyfriends?
A: Gosh no, we are total twins but look nothing alike, they couldn’t get away with it.


Q: What else did you do before porn?
A: Owned a non nude cleaning company, have ALWAYS been a dancer, love dancing.


Q: How were you sexually before porn?
A: I have aways been a VERY sexual person.


Q: How did you lose your virginity?
A: 19, I was a good girl, was dating a guy for a few months, we started off fondling each other, then dry humping, then he told me hes just going to stick it in and I said okay! That’s how it happened!


Q: Who have you shot for?
A: Hustler, Penthouse, Erotica X(favorite), Bang Bros, Twistys (first girl on girl), Immoral live, and 1000 facials.


Q: Tell me about your favorite shoot.
A: Erotica X- which was very romantic, with candles. Come into your information to know the truth on 50 freispiele ohne einzahlung.


Q: What was your experience overall with Erotica X?
A: Fun! I enjoyed my partner Logan and everyone was nice, the scene wasn’t to long or to short.

Q: Do you watch porn at home now?
A: Used to with boyfriends to set the mood, now just for homework.


Q: What kind of porn do you like?
A: Porn with a plot, also a lot of 80s porn.


Q: Who is your favorite star? Who would you like to work with?
A: Favorite is Jenna Jameson, would love to work with Chad White, hes beautiful!


Q: Tell us about 1000 Facials.
A: First shoot in LA, fun! I love giving blowjobs!


Q: Tell us about Immoral Live.
A: Recently done, its harder because its live so I have to watch everything I’m doing, but worked out very well.


Q: What are you good at?
A: Great at blowjobs and giving head


Q: What style do you like?
A: Rough and hard, very hard


Q: Do you do anal?
A: Eventually, but I haven’t yet, it’ a bit scary!


Q: What is your advice to new girls in this business?
A: Keep it professional, look at it as a career, not a party (even though it is fun!)

Pristine Edge Videos


For more visit Pristine Edge on Freeones!

Q: What are your plans in your porn career?
A: Just going with the flow, seeing what comes along.


Q: What are you looking forward to shooting?
A: Shooting with Twistys again, and Hard X


Q: Who would you like to shoot for?
A: Peter North, Evil Angel, Hard X, Brazzers, and Devils Film.


Q: Since in LA what is the largest thing that has been between your legs?
A: The BULL at Saddle Ranch, I got to ride a the bull on girls night. It was on Playboy!


Q: What you you enjoy most about doing porn?
A: Blowjobs! I’m pretty good at it, a nice sized “peepee” to give a very slobber & slippery blowjob with, I love it messy


Q: Any blowjobs complaints so far?
A; No! Of course not, I’m a pro!


Q: Ready to get naked and take some pictures with me?
A: Of course I am (takes off clothes)

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